When a doctor is starting up a new practice, a fair amount of medical equipment is needed to get started: a surgery table, exam table, exam chair, etc. A dentist would require an oral surgery chair. There are so many options that it can all be quite stressful. Let’s outline a few of the options below.

Surgery Tables:

A surgery table needs to be sturdy and easy to use. It is no use getting a surgical table that a doctor cannot operate easily and without any problems. These tables come in various shapes and forms but the most basic ones are usually the best. The fewer bells and whistles the better. One of the easiest surgery tables to operate is the AMSCO 3085 Surgical Table. It is flexible and can accommodate a patient weighing up to 1000 pounds.

Exam Table:

An exam table is used by the doctor to carry out an examination on a patient. As with the Surgery table, this needs to be sturdy and able to hold quite a substantial amount of weight. The 450 Quad Power Exam Chair with Mobile Base is a good option for any doctor as it is advanced and designed with safety and strength in mind. This exam table has four motor speeds on it so it is able to move around without getting too complicated.

Exam Chair:

This is quite possibly the most obvious piece of medical equipment that a doctor needs. Chairs such as the 424 Tri-Power Exam Chair with Flip-up Footrest are used by medical professionals to carry out examinations on patients or even to carry out minor procedures. It is therefore of the utmost importance that the exam chair is easy to operate and flexible for the patient’s comfort.

Oral Surgery Chair:

An Oral Surgery Chair is a chair that is used by dentists, orthodontists and oral surgeons the world around. This piece of equipment is imperative to a dentists practice. Without it, they would be performing procedures on the floor. This chair needs to be extremely comfortable for the patient, as oftentimes they will be in the chair for hours while the dentist performs minor surgeries and procedures. One of the better chairs, the 430-OS Series Quad Power Oral Surgery Chair, is a good option for dentists because it is comfortable for the patient as well as being easy to operate. It also has controls that are operated by foot which is convenient to dentists and oral surgeons.

When choosing your medical equipment, it is important to do some research. You need to make sure that you are buying quality equipment from a reputable supplier. Usually, this sort of equipment ends up costing a lot of money, so the worst thing would be to buy equipment that doesn’t last. Look for suppliers that have references and don’t be afraid to spend a lot in the beginning as this will be an investment that pays off in the end.